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For custom design, personal service, & heart and soul in every piece. Handmade Jewelry by Kathleen DiResta. Visit our shop K. DiResta Collective, aka "weekend boutique" in Sea Cliff for creative, joyful art. Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Join our email list for news on upcoming events. We showcase art, music, artists, and celebrate handmade. Address: 212 Sea Cliff Avenue, Sea Cliff, NY. For the latest images and posts, find us on Instagram: kdirestacollective

Handmade History

After Kathleen received her B.F.A in sculpture and art history, she assisted three different jewelry designers in running their businesses, creating, and selling their collections.

Since 1997, Kathleen has been designing and creating her own line of jewelry as K. DiResta Design, Inc. Kathleen handcrafts each unique, geometric piece of jewelry. Her palette includes exceptional combinations of sterling silver, brass, f gems, and beads. Kathleen's designs have sold nationally through galleries, boutiques, and high-end craft shows.

From 1999 to 2003, Kathleen worked out of her east village gallery space in New York City, DiResta Gallery. The gallery space featured jewelry and photography by Kathleen and furniture by her brother Jimmy. Currently, runs her retail store, K. DiResta Collective, which features her work, as well as other artisans, in Sea Cliff, New York.

 In addition to her line, she works closely with customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces for their wedding or special occasion, in platinum, gold, and diamonds. She is known for reworking heirloom pieces that maintain that sense of sentimentality, even after being updated.

In addition to being featured in many magazines, her work has been included in books:  Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts, 500 Earrings, 500 Wedding Rings, and The Best of America Jewelry Artists and Artisans, Volume 1.

This rare mixture of artistic talent, magnificent craftsmanship and enthusiasm makes a visit to KD Collective a must. Jewelry that needs to be experienced.



Q & A

     DiResta answered these questions about her creative background, inspiration and why she loves being open for business.—By Elizabeth Winchester

Q. You earned your BFA in sculpture and art history from SUNY New Paltz. How did you get from sculpture to jewelry?

A. I took a basic metalsmithing class that was part of the BFA program. That led to a job at a Jeffrey Allan Jewelers in the summer of '91, where I worked assembling, polishing and setting stones, and helping at craft shows.

Q. You’ve said concepts that motivated you as a sculpture student—such as pure geometric forms, visual rhythms and elements working together as one—influence your jewelry making. What else inspires your work?

A. I believe less is more, such as the simplicity in a curve or a circle. Shapes from nature, like a branch or leaf appeal to me. I enjoy looking at the patterns in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the sculptor, Brancusi for inspiration. Both artists had an innovative, yet pure design sense.

Q. How has your family influenced you?

A. My three older brothers and I grew up watching our dad create amazing woodwork in his basement workshop. He encouraged us all to be creative. It was natural for us all to end up in creative careers. (John, a woodworker and comic, and Jimmy, an inventor and YouTube sensation.  Joey has been in the toy and invention business for more than 20 years.) We are very supportive of each other.

Q. Your first gallery was in the East Village (1997-2003). Was it similar to the K. DiResta Collective?

A. Yes. In the city, I was also using a storefront both as a studio and gallery space. When I closed it, I continued my business by doing craft shows and meeting clients at my Glen Head studio. The biggest difference with my new store is my connection to the community, with work of other artists.  I'm making a point to offer items at all price points, making it a great destination for artisan gifts.

Q. How do you feel about the shop’s opening?

A. Amazing. From the first moment that I heard the space was available, to the outpouring of love and support from friends, to the light and openness of the space itself, it has been a dream come true. I feel lucky every day.




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